Intentional New Beginnings

It is not easy to get back in the rhythm after a summer vacation, no matter how active your vacation was. Many of us are finding ourselves trying to get our feet steady on the ground while running between school or work responsibilities, house chores, and back to school set up. 

When thinking about all of this, I can feel my anxiety level going up. How do we find our neutral point while driving? I guess that’s what adulthood and motherhood are about. To me, finding our neutral is the Holy Grail of being a parent.

As a young adult – recently graduating high-school and moving into a new stage of life – the energy of a new beginning can be exhausting too. All the preparation required initially can take you from excitement (new ideas, new things to get, new environment, new people, etc.) to panic (“I can’t do all of this”), and all within a few minutes.

Whether you are a young adult or a parent, managing this transition requires taking a few steps back, a pause to bring in the bigger picture.  

As we start a new school year, a practice I long for is to take a few moments to reflect on “What do I wish for my children this school year”? If you are the one embarking on a new learning adventure you can ask yourself “What do I wish to create this year?” It could be new skills, attitudes, habits or mindset. 

One simple question can bring in a whole different emotional context. 

I remember last year sitting on a bench in front of my children’s classroom with a pen and a card, and my whole body relaxed. I started to feel I could finally breathe. It wasn’t about having resolved the small things (the right supplies for the school, the right outfits, the whole uncertainty around school during COVID time). It was about remembering the reason behind them going to school. 

Setting an intention for the whole learning journey not only allows us to zoom out and move away from the anxiety, but also plants a seed or sends out a wish in the universe. In the end, it’s creating a reality.

When I reflect on our own intentions at Parzival Academy for our students, we wish for no one to ever give up on their dreams, and more importantly that you don’t lose the ability to dream. As the responsibilities of adulthood start, we tend to dream less, becoming more anchored in some other “reality.”

First, we need to acknowledge that circumstances today are very different, and we hope you can give yourself credit for being where you are today, despite these troubling times. We hope you can feel proud for how much you’ve overcome so far. You are here because you can contribute to a better world, one that is less polarized and disconnected.

Take time to evaluate what’s important to you. Ask yourself “What am I frustrated with? How can I be part of the solution?” Your frustration and pain teach you about your care in the world.

Second, it’s just the beginning! Allow the journey to unfold, trust the process, and believe you’ll be ok. Learning takes time and lots of patience. There will be challenges along the road, and how you approach them will make all the difference. The skills and attitudes you build during the process matter more than overcoming the challenge.

Wherever you are, you were meant to be, so be fully here! 

And have fun! 

Honor the child within. Children have a bigger ability to dream and believe in their dreams.

“All grown-ups were once children… but only a few of them remember it.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

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