Bridging the Gap from School to the World

We’ve all been there, a freshly graduated high school or college student, about to venture into the world in a new way, and feeling utterly in the dark about what’s next for us, or how to take the next step forward.

Many of us as parents chose alternative education as a way to give our children something more than conventional education, to nourish their souls and protect their innocence from the intensity of the world in hopes of allowing them to become who they’re truly meant to be.

Alternative schools such as Waldorf, Montessori, homeschooling, and others are such a potent way of supporting students to become confident, self-aware young adults. Even students in public schools who choose unconventional paths with more multi-passionate electives and extra curricular activities receive amazing benefits. But what’s next?

So many of these types students become extremely skilled at so many things, and it often becomes difficult to decide on the next steps. While their alternative or unconventional schooling prepares them for the future, they also become more aware of their own uniqueness.

The traditional post-high school options could be daunting to someone who’s used to a more hands-on, experiential approach to learning that allows them to develop their self-understanding.

As parents, we long to empower our children to feel empowered as they move beyond their K-12 schooling out into the world.

How can we confidently empower our young adults when there seem to be few options that truly bridge the gap, not only with an experience, but also with skills and tools to guide them, between their nurturing alternative education and the chaotic, noisy, overwhelming world they’re moving into?

Parzival Academy is a unique gap year program specifically designed to serve as a bridge between the beautiful development our children receive in diverse/progressive/alternative primary education, and the world they must move into upon becoming young adults.

The world today is laden with divisiveness, uncertainty, and volatility. Students, and their parents as well, don’t know who or what to trust. We’re all navigating the extremes and seeking to find some kind of center filled with peace, resilience, inner wisdom, and a more harmonious middle way.

With Parzival’s intensive gap year from September to May, students are offered the opportunity to discover their inherent gifts and strengths, connect to their unique values and passions, envision new possibilities for themselves and the world around them, and begin to take steps toward creating the life of fulfillment they’re seeking.

Parzival students graduate with a strong sense of Self, empowering resilience, courage and tools to meet life’s challenges, as well as a clearer vision for their future.

Our gap year program supports high school graduates, and also those seeking a break during or after college, perhaps feeling burnt out on all of the overwhelm and seeking some time to reset themselves toward a future that feels genuinely aligned with who they are and what they care about.

What makes our program particularly special is that it’s a hybrid of in-person and online learning with trained life and leadership coaches offering personalized weekly mentorship to every student, in addition to contributors with specialized skills and teachings to deepen the experience.

Colorado Mountains where Parzival Academy Gathers for Orientation and Graduation Weeks

Parzival is a journey of self-discovery bookended with in-person orientation and graduation weeks in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. Between those weeks, students can travel, work with other studies, engage in internships or jobs, or simply take a pause while also participating in our weekly online gatherings. Our curriculum takes students on a journey through 4 stages, each offering project-based learning filled with engagement and exploration.

If you or others you know have young adults moving into the world, uncertain of what step to take next, we hope you’ll consider Parzival Academy to serve as a bridge to support them.

Schedule a no-obligation conversation to learn more and discover if this program meets your child’s needs during this time of transition.

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