Tuition & Financial Details

What are the pricing and financial details?

We’ve done our best to make Parzival Academy an affordable, flexible option that offers a lifetime of benefit.
Take a look at the answers to the questions below, and please reach out to talk to us if you have more questions.
We’re committed to making our program possible for those committed to the journey.

The cost of the program is $5,500. Upon acceptance, we ask for a $1,500 non-refundable deposit, with the balance due before the program begins.

This cost includes the tuition for the full program, as well as lodging and meals for the in-person Orientation and Graduation weeks to be held in the mountains of Colorado.  Transportation to/from the in-person gatherings is not included. There may also be some nominal expenses for supplies or materials for required projects throughout the program at your discretion.

For those in need, we do offer a limited number of partial scholarships. If you’re interested in applying, there is a spot on the application form to indicate whether you are in need of a scholarship. We will work with you to see what’s possible. 

In certain circumstances, we can also work with you to have multiple payments instead of one up front payment. 

We ask that you understand that Parzival’s program is a 12 week commitment. There are those who will be turned away if we fill our spots, and we ask that you only apply if you are sincere about making the commitment to complete the program.

Refund Policy: Deposits for the program are non-refundable, and once the program begins, no refunds are issued for tuition paid.

We are happy to work with you if there are extenuating circumstances that require you to step out of the program, and decisions will be made on a case by case basis.

Students afford the Parzival program in a variety of ways.

You can receive support from parents or family members willing to invest in your education and future.

You can seek employment to help you pay for the program. An average full time summer job at $15 per hour will more than cover the cost of the program.  This assumes you have other means of covering your living expenses, and the program itself leaves room for additional hours of employment as needed while in the program.

You can fundraise from your community to help you with this venture, perhaps using or Facebook Fundraising, or other crowd funding methods.  

There are many creative ways to afford the program if you’re willing to look for them. We’ve made the program very affordable by comparison to college tuitions and other similar mastermind type programs. 

We’re happy to talk to you about need based partial scholarships too, or to help you brainstorm creative ways to make Parzival Academy possible for you.

Parzival’s program incorporates project-based learning. There may be various supplies we ask you to get in preparation for certain projects, but there would never be more than an average of $100 in any month for additional fees, and these additional costs will typically be at the discretion of the student based on their project needs. 

Transportation to/from our in-person Colorado mountain retreats for orientation and graduation from the program is not included in the program cost. There would be additional expenses to cover costs of airfare, transport, etc., but lodging and meals are completely included for those weeks. 

Feel free to contact us if you have concerns here and we can help you clarify any potential costs beyond the tuition for the program.  

We did a lot of research to consider what a program like this should cost, while being reasonable for the students and covering the expenses to bring a quality education. We understand that a program like this is an investment, and that there are other options out there, even if not quite like Parzival.

First, we looked at gap year programs. Many gap year programs cost anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000 depending on the extent of the program. Shorter, less intensive programs are on the low end of the spectrum, while extensive travel-based or in-person programs are on the upper end. Most of these programs only last up to 6 months in duration.

We also considered college education, and the knowing that Parzival’s program can serve as a college alternative or compliment. In the United States, in-state college tuition averages around $9,500 for one year, making a 4 year program’s tuition $38,000.  If you travel out of state or go to a private college, that price tag goes up to an average of nearly $130,000 for a 4 year program. This doesn’t take into account the room and board expenses associated with going away to college.

We looked at online business and personal development mastermind programs, which tend to be geared toward adults seeking community and continued education.  These programs range from $1,200 to $25,000 for one year depending on how much personal attention is offered. 

Finally, we considered what it would take for a high school student to work to pay for the program.  Most high school graduates can find hourly jobs that pay around $15 per hour, and at that rate, the program would be paid for with a full time summer job. This assumes that they have their living expenses covered. 

Every Parzival student will get one-on-one mentorship time. That kind of personalized attention is almost unheard of in any of the options we’ve compared to. They also receive lifetime access to all of the training materials and recorded courses, and a curated support community, which will help them continue to meet personal, vocational, and leadership challenges with ongoing support.

The pricing for Parzival’s 12 week intensive, personalized program is an affordable and valuable option for high school graduates. Parzival Academy supports students to find their passion and discover what really matters to them, without spending a lot of money on courses or degrees they may not be sure they want.  Our program is also a great option if one has developed or would like to develop additional skills to apply to their work or business, allowing them to get additional training as desired without the same price tag that a typical 4 year degree would have.


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