Skills Developed with Parzival Academy

Skills You’ll Learn with Parzival’s Gap Year Program

Parzival’s education is a unique blend of vocational, personal and community skill building.

Vocational Skills

In the realm of career/business, you’ll be learning practical and technical skills that help you to effectively navigate your vocation, including things like fundamentals in financial management, and effective ways to align with and stay connected to your community.

During our gap year program, you’ll learn authentic marketing skills that help you become visible to those you can best serve, and build relationships with those you can collaborate with. You’ll learn to confidently put yourself out into the world, aligned with your values and vision.

We focus on giving you the important foundational skills to align with those who need your support and match your talents and passions. Parzival Academy does not specialize in establishing a business, though we can mentor you toward this if this is your interest as an alternative to college. 

A key skill in socio-entrepreneurialism is leadership. Here are just a few of the important leadership skills you’ll learn through Parzival Academy:

  • Effective Communication – clarity, connection and decisiveness
  • Failing Forward – comfort in making and learning from mistakes 
  • Inspiration – staying inspired and inspiring others
  • Creativity – bringing your unique gifts in creative ways
  • Responsibility – ownership of and accountability for your actions
  • Commitment – Perseverance, devotion, passion, prioritization, and follow through
  • Flexibility and Resilience – ability to adapt, see unique opportunities
  • Inner Wisdom – knowing how to trust yourself and your experience
  • Trustworthiness – cultivating credibility, conscientiousness, reliability, integrity, respect, empathy and safety

Personal Skills

In the realm of personal skills, you’ll get to know yourself really well. You’ll learn to deal constructively with feelings and emotions, something that is too often overlooked and yet so important as we navigate the emotional ups and downs that can come with running a business and navigating life. We offer many tools for managing time effectively and staying joyfully productive, avoiding procrastination, and staying focused. You’ll also learn how to plan and balance your life and work in realistic, healthy ways that nourish you rather than generate burnout or overwhelm.

Community Skills

As for community skills, you’ll be interacting with your peers, learning to encourage and support one another during our gap year program. You’ll learn to provide gentle feedback that benefits others, and receive feedback openly.  With the help of your gap year mentor, you’ll receive guidance on dealing with differences and conflicts you have with others, in or out of the Parzival program.  We want you to feel confident and compassionate in relating with others, while staying true to who you are.

Parzival Academy is more than just a gap year program. It’s a journey to self-discovery, in addition to education and guidance for life.  Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We’d love to work with you!

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