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Parzival Manifesto

We believe that the most valuable higher education is about getting to know ourselves and the world around us, including how we and our unique gifts fit into and serve the world most beneficially and sustainably.

We believe that our work in the world should be a reflection of our best selves, and how we can most effectively serve the common good.

We are committed to our own unique mission with our strengths, talents and skills, staying true to ourselves and our values in full integrity.

We show up authentically as our unique Self in all that we do, recognizing that this may stir things up, move against the grain of the status quo, and/or be uncomfortable at times.

We question everything, ensuring that what we are giving our attention to and doing what is relevant and beneficial to our values, purpose and those we serve.

We continuously strive toward change for the better, not for the sake of change, but for the sake of improving our lives, the lives of those around us, and Life itself.

We practice gratitude daily, discovering the beneficial and the beautiful, even in times that may seem difficult, unwanted or challenging.

We search for opportunities, ways in which we can serve, grow and learn, finding possibilities and taking action where others may see hopelessness or remain frozen.

We practice cultivating equanimity, finding balance within, and consciously choosing our responses to life’s experiences.

We practice equity, striving for inclusivity and deeper awareness of how we can create a level playing field for all.

We aim to move through life with courage, discernment and love in all of our actions.

We know that true success is measured in joy and service, rather than dollars and power.

While honoring our individual selves, we honor all of life and creation, envisioning and supporting the healthy evolution of the Earth and Humanity.

We actively create a future filled with love, wisdom, truth, beauty and goodness for ourselves and the world.

We commit to creating an authentic life and career/business that truly honor these ideals, remembering to enjoy the journey!

Step into a meaningful and successful future.

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