Weekly Rhythm

A Week in the Life of Parzival Gap Year Students

Each week school’s in session, gap year students are involved in group training sessions and conversations, personal one-to-one mentoring sessions, group discussions and Q&A, course work (with live or pre-recorded video content), project implementation, and community forum interactions.

While the rhythm and timing may be subject to change, and each person’s schedule may be slightly different with things like mentoring sessions or implementation days, here’s a sample weekly schedule (timing is estimated):

Weekly Rhythm: Monday: 3.5hrs

  • Intention Setting in Group Forum – set your intentions for the week and cheer on your classmates for their intentions (30 min)
  • Check-ins in Group Forum – share what you’re working on, questions you have, and look for ways to support what others are working on (30 min)
  • Mastermind/Co-working Session (60 min)
  • Project work – Working independently to complete current assignment (1.5 hours)

Weekly Rhythm: Tuesday: 2hrs

  • Live Teaching Session – A blend of live training, breakout groups, and exercises (1.5 hours)
  • Project Submittal (if due) – For the most part, there will be a consistent due date for projects each week from prior weeks’ assignments which may require uploads, posts or other forms of submittal (30 min)

Weekly Rhythm: Wednesday: 2hrs

  • Mastermind/Co-working Session (60 min)
  • Project Assignment – note the assignment given, the due date, and plan your process to work on it (30 min)
  • Mentoring Session – Meet with your Parzival Mentor (30 min)

Weekly Rhythm: Thursday: 4.5hrs

  • Live Teaching/Q&A Session – A blend of live training, breakout groups, and exercises (1.5 hours)
  • Project work – Working on current assignment (2.5 hours)

Weekly Rhythm: Friday: 2.5hrs

  • Progress Assessments in Group Forum – Check in with the group to share how your week went, what you achieved, what you need support with, etc., and cheer on your fellow students for their accomplishments (30 min)
  • Check-ins in Group Forum – Review posts from instructors, mentors, and fellow students (30 min)
  • Work on any Pre-Recorded or Project-Based Course Material (1.5 hours)

This is just a sample schedule, but it helps you to see that you’d be working around 2 to 5 hours each weekday, for a total of around 13 to 15 hours weekly to achieve the best outcomes.  The time you put in determines what you get out of it. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the week to get support from instructors, mentors and peers.

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