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Parzival Academy Gap Year Program Calendar

Parzival’s gap year program calendar goes from September 18th through December 16th, and includes 12 weeks of contact and online learning.

Our project-based learning will be offered in blocks, segmented through the program to best address the topic we’re studying at the time. We will have 10 full weeks between Orientation and Graduation weeks, during each of which we will meet online two to three times weekly. 

Parzival Gap Year Schedule for 2022

  • Orientation Week in Colorado – September 18-23
  • Online Program Begins – September 26
  • September 26 – November 18  (8 weeks)
  • November 21-26 – Thanksgiving Break
  • November 28 – December 9 (2 weeks)
  • Graduation Week in Colorado – December 12-16
  • Graduation – December 16

We understand that there are holidays in various countries that may fall on days that we are in class. All classes are recorded and placed in the learning area if you happen to be away for that holiday.  Gap year students are expected to attend all sessions live whenever possible.

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