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      Parzival Academy

      Creative Speech Takeaways

      Creative Speech Artist Debbie Spitulnik offered us a unique and powerful teaching to help us tune into our capacity to use our voices.

      Please share your takeaways from the experience so that we can share them with Debbie by 04/29/22.

      1. What are the tools and insights you feel you gained from Debbie’s session?
      2. What were your experiences of her teachings, and what experiences are you taking with you and why?
      3. What are you curious to learn or know more about in relation to creative speech?
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      James Neph

      1. I learned to slow down and think about what I am saying. To be aware of the words I say, and not just utter random ramblings.

      2. The teachings seemed very grounded and easy to understand, yet full of wisdom. I found myself taking note of how she talked slow enough to be fully understood, without being condescending.

      3. I would be interested to know more about how various sounds and words can help with ones emotions and life in general.

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      Maya Kirie

      1. I’ve gained a method to stay calm when speaking or performing in front of others. “The watering of a tree.” I’ve also realized how often when speaking about something I bring the pronunciation of the object/person and the words I’m using to talk about it/them into myself and make them sound personal rather than presenting the speech in a way in which it is not personal. (Detaching the conversation from myself/ making the conversation not about myself)

      2. I found myself in an imaginary bliss, which does not occur often, throughout the teaching. I am often too focused on my worries, the future, and the outside world. I was able to imagine in color and see clear images in the room I was in. I am taking the ability to form the sounds and elements of words of objects with regards to objects’ shapes and structures with me. I have never done this in speech or description but I found manipulating sound emphasis to change the feel of words fascinating. (Who knew the word “giraffffffe” could be so interesting and thought provoking to not hear but also see in the mind’s eye.)

      3. I am curious to learn more about the ways in which creative speech can be used in regular conversations and to convey points by captivating listeners. Which words should be emphasized? Objects, colors, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings (adjectives) or words in which sensations are revealed in the sound of the way the word is pronounced?  :)

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      Odin Esty

      -I gained a clearer sense of how helpful it can be to make a phrase, word, or just even sound really embodied in order to understand it. Making a gentle story up around something puzzling.

      -The whole session reminded me of the peaceful state of thinking I had a good deal of experience with in the early grades in Waldorf classrooms, where the teachers made their speech and habits of inflection a consciously suited to the states of being of children as they could. I kept thinking of my reading-aloud and how what I was doing in both cases was the same.

      -I am curious to see/experience how speech can change a life with being more aware.

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      Meryl Swensen

      1. I think I gained a new appreciation for language in general as well as a few techniques to help with speaking more and expressing myself more clearly. A few examples are the emphasis on word pronunciation and describing an image in my mind.

      2. I noticed that throughout the session I was speaking more slowly and deliberately. The atmosphere was very playful, experimentative, and nonjudgmental so I felt free to try new things and explore what I was feeling. I feel like I left the session with a new wave of courage to speak and express myself more creatively.

      3. I’m curious in learning even more about how creative speech is used in storytelling. Particularly the different styles and how it differs and stays the same throughout diverse cultures.

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