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Parzival Application


We’ll start with the basics of contact info, etc.

We’re Curious….

Personal Statement

Please describe in detail (approximately 500 to 800 words) the reasons you believe Parzival Academy is a great fit for you, and you are a great fit for the program. Consider how you exemplify (with concrete examples) the qualities and requirements we’re looking for (see, and what personal qualities you believe will have a positive impact on other Parzival students and our community.

Getting to Know You Better…

Financial Responsibility

In this section, please include the contact information for the person financially responsible for the Parzival Academy tuition, and note if you’re in need of an application for tuition assistance.

Final Details….

Don’t Forget….

One last step…Be sure to hit the submit button,
and follow instructions in the confirmation message upon submittal.

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