Power of Self-Awareness

These past weeks, the Parzival students have been diving deeply into the Power of Self-Awareness.

We’re looking at our awareness in relation to our selves, other relationships, communication, vocation, environment, energy, the rules we follow, the shadows we hide in, and how we build trust.

Self-awareness is a topic we continue to expand into our entire lives, developing and mastering as we go. Yet schools don’t usually teach this. We fumble through life by trial and error, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Students have been exploring how to communicate more effectively, noticing the power of the perspective they have, and how to see from other perspectives as well. We’ve looked at the importance of holistic awareness of thoughts, emotions and our bodies.

In the realm of relationships, we talked about the all too common tendency toward co-dependence, and explored a healthier interdependence that we can be more conscious of cultivating. It was powerful to hear the student input in recognition of challenges they see within their own lives around this topic, and so rewarding to know we’re giving them tools to find healthier, more beneficial ways of relating.

We’ve explored the inner saboteurs and enemies of learning that can get in our way, whether personally or professionally, and how to begin integrating and transcending these aspects of ourselves.

Next in this course, we’ll be exploring the topic of trust. In a world in which the youth are fed so much information, much of which is incomplete, propaganda, or downright false, learning to discern who, how and what to trust is a critical tool for navigating life. Students will also look at how to trust themselves better, building confidence in their own inner voices rather than relying upon validation, permissions or approvals from outside of themselves.

We’ll continue adding topics to the Self-Awareness lesson throughout the Parzival journey, and revisiting topics as opportunities present themselves.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every young adult had these kinds of teachings to support their movement into the world?

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