What does it take for our young adults
to find their way in the world?

Raising young adults and preparing them to spread their wings is not easy in a world filled with uncertainty, fear and anxiety. While graduating high-school, going to college, or finding a job are big milestones in the life of a young adult, they are just transition points into adulthood.

The conventional schooling leaves out so much of necessary tools and guidance young adults need to confidently navigate life’s challenges.

They realize the big unknown and maybe they’re feeling lost, confused, unsure of themselves, or even a bit rebellious. Maybe they long to do something different from their peers and all of the ways in which society is “shoulding” on them. 

Young adults have big dreams, and at Parzival Academy, we believe the greatest thing we can do for them is to create space for realizing both their dreams and their own full potential.

We hope they will have a space where they can feel they belong, where they can create surrounded by mentors and like minded peers.

As parents, educators, counselors and “next step consultants,” we need to help them find their way, in their own way. We know this is their journey now.

Helping Young Adults Find Their Way- Webinar

 Do you have a young adult that is preparing to transition into adulthood?  In this special online gathering we are exploring how we as parents, educators, counselors and consultants of young adults can deepen our capacity to support them as they transition toward their next steps.

                 Watch the webinar recording here!

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