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Maya Kirie

I have begun, and am going to be implementing my plan into my life with application reminders and sticky notes. I’m often so busy during the day that I forget to do things.


Do some form of movement whether it’s yoga, stretching, Zumba, light exercises etc….

Eat one serving of fruit and some sort of vegetables

Maintain sufficient protein intake or maintenance calories

Drink 2.7 liters a day or something close to 11 cups of fluid

Do one productive thing to help me on my way to achieving my future goals

Take a shower (Not sure why I’ve added this because I am very consistent with doing this daily but it’s just a thing to keep in mind)



Do some form of art (drawing, painting, constructing, etc….)

Read an item of literature

Attempt to be consistent and do strenuous exercise 5 days a week

Listen to some form of music

Do a conditioning treatment on my hair so it doesn’t get burnt by the chlorine in the pool from my everyday swim practices which I will be resuming very soon

Spend 2 days at the beach or out enjoying nature

Go on a long walk once a week if possible

Meditate once a week for 20 mins



Have at least 8 days off from work

Succeed in working some muscle group in the body specifically

Spend time with at least 4 different friends and spend time with friends at least 4 times a month



Strive to be the best version of myself

Improve some large aspects of my wellbeing

Go on a trip



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